29 February 2020

Avocado Chocolate Bites...

Just THREE ingredients...
SUPER EASY to whip up.
If you adore AVOCADO,
Then you will adore these 'Avocado Chocolate Bites'!

All you do is:

Mash half an avocado.

I chopped the Avo...
and blitzed it in the Nutri.bullet!

Avocado Chocolate Bites
MELT 1/2 cup of dark chocolate (the darker the better!)
ADD mashed avocado and mix.
Chill for a few minutes in the refrigerator until you can roll into bite-size balls.

                   And then finish them off with a roll around in Dark cocoa powder.
   Keep stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container.
Avocado Chocolate Bites
An Avocado lovers health treat!

Printable recipe HERE

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