26 March 2020

DIY Tray Makeover...

I love upcyling old things and giving them a new lease of life.
This is what happened to this very aqua blue tray.
From this....

To this!

I actually love the blue,
but it just did not compliment my home decor.

So it was out with the blue,

and in with the grey.

Manorburn Double by Resene was the colour used.

I love candles.
So the tray contained all my candle pots in one place.
I added a potted yellow flowering succulent plant to the vignette.

This is a 'Kalanchoe'.
A great repeat-flowering indoor plant.
Easy care.
Just give it bright natural light (No direct sun) and do not overwater.
Remember it is a succulent!

But something was missing...
a coffee table runner.

So I looked in my fabric stash to see what I had that would be complimentary.
This natural light linen-look fabric was perfect.
With a contrasting herringbone pattern, 
it adds interest to the table vignette.

All I did was measured the table and hemmed all four sides to fit.
I'm loving the fabric table runner,
and the tray vignette.

And easy low-cost upgrade to freshen my sitting room.



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