8 November 2022

'Save the birds' Crystal Hanger

DIY Crystal Hanger 

Have you ever had birds fly into your house windows?

Yip - so have I!

Recently I cleaned my filthy windows and then the very next day, a beautiful wax eye bird was dead on the ground.

The windows simply reflected the native bush behind 'The Barn', and that poor bird thought it was flying into the bush!

So sad.

If you are a long-time follower of Mia Bella Passions, you are probably wondering, bush?

But the 'Mia Bella Passions' garden is Italian and cottage!


I haven't told you about my new beginnings and the happenings over the past two years.

Now's the time to do that.

I made the decision to leave my marriage.

For myself.

Not for anyone else or because of anyone else.

Simply because it was the right thing to do after such a long time of unfixable unhappiness.

The truth is 'Mia Bella Passions' - the house, the gardens and the blog carried me through terrible years of sadness and difficulty.

Not long after the separation, I met 'Him'.

I exhibited paintings in a gallery he was the curator of.

Another creative.

My perfect match.

We became a team.

 I shifted from 'Mia Bella Gardens Homestead' and transitioned to a gypsy-type life travelling, photographing, writing, painting and melding into the amazing small Lakeside community I now live in.

So that is where the bush comes into the picture.

Our creative studios and office are in a big blue barn that backs onto the native New Zealand bush.

To create some reflective light in the windows so those poor birds do not think there is a bush ahead, I have made pretty beaded crystal hangers.

I call them my 'Save the birds' crystal hangers.

Bead Craft
To make a 'Save the birds' crystal hanger, you will need
Glass beads in your choice of colour and shape.
Very thin wire or jewellery wire.
Jewellry Crimps
Jewellery crimps.
A larger bead and crystal for the bottom of the hanger.

Start by cutting the wire to about 20 inches long (50cm) and attach your bottom crystal through the top hole in it, and twist the wire.
Then add a feature bead.
I used a glass heart which had a hole through the bottom and top.
Bead craft
Add more beads in whatever pattern and size you desire leaving about 3 inches (7.5cm) of wire to create a hanger loop.
 Using a metal crimp place one at the top of the bead chain, and squeeze to flatten with the pliers.

Mia Bella Passions blog
Put another metal crimp on and thread the wire through to create a loop.
I actually put two crimps on for the loop but you only need one.
Squeeze the crimp flat and trim the excess wire.
DIY Crystal Hanger
Hang it in a window where the birds tend to fly into.
The beads create shimmer to distract,
and the crystal creates beautiful rainbow patterns on a sunny day.
This has been the perfect solution that stops the birds flying to the barn office windows.
And they are very pretty too.

#diycraft #beadcraft 

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