Easy Sausage Two Cheese Canapes


Need to whip up a finger food plate for visitors or a party?

These sausage two cheese canapes are small meaty bites that will delight!

They are great for a kid's party platter too.

Easy Canapes

Super easy to make.

All you do is:

Fry your sausages in a little oil.

Make sure you prick the sausage skins to prevent bursts out of the ends.


Sausage canapes
Slice the sausages into 1-inch rounds.


Spread each sausage piece with a thin layer of cream cheese.

Easy Canapes

Pop a chunk of tasty cheese on top.

(I used creamy Danish Harvati cheese for the chunks).

Easy Canapes

Then on to that a dollop of tomato sauce.

(I used Texan BBQ flavoured tomato flavour).

Carefully put a toothpick through the cheese into the sausage if you wish to transport it to another venue.

But if you are serving them straight from your home kitchen, the cream cheese on the sausage holds it together.

Keep refrigerated until 10 to 15 minutes before serving time.

Easy canapes


Put a little parsley around the plate to decorate.

Easy, huh?

A favourite easy-to-prepare canape your meat-loving guests will love to eat!

Printable recipe HERE.

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