Japanese Kanji Symbol LOVE Painted Rock

At the moment I am working on my biggest creative project yet. 

It includes art, photography, and poetry.

Painted Rock

All intertwined with the Japanese Geisha.

As a child, my mother had an adoration for all things Japanese, so this is the inspiration for this art rock.

It features the word LOVE but is presented using the Japanese Kanji symbol.

A simple technique anyone can recreate.

But note it is not a quick process.

You need a few days to create it if you are not freestyling the image.

And please do note the image I'm sharing is in the reverse aspect for the process I'm sharing here.

You can use whatever size rock you want by simply resizing the mirrored image to fit the face of the rock.

The rock size I have used for this tutorial is 16 x 13 centimetres (6 1/2 x 5 inches).  

The idea of the reverse stencil is to create a guide for those who don't have the confidence to freehand sketch in pencil first.

It gives an excellent guideline to then paint or sharpie pen in the colour of your choice, the detail of the image once the stencil process is completed.

To Create:

Print the image to the size required.

Clean your rock.

If you wet wash it, leave it for 24 hours to fully dry.

How to paint Rocks

Using masking tape (or painter's tape) tape the front face to create a clean edge when you paint it.

Painted Rocks

Apply one coat of quality primer.

Leave 24 hours to dry or (tip) use a hair dryer to quicken the drying process.

Painted Rocks

Apply one coat of white paint.


Now you are ready to transfer the image to the rock.

Print the image to the correct size for your chosen rock.

Stencil Technique

Cut the image out.

Stencil Technique

Coat the image side quickly with Modpodge (available in craft stores) then 

position the image face down on the face of the rock.

Stencil Technique

Press into place, while gently smoothing and pressing out air pockets.

Leave 24 hours to dry.

Painted Rocks

Then wet the image with a sponge in warm water.

Stencil Technique

Carefully rub the wet paper away as shown.

Stencil on Rock

Continue until no paper shows and you are left with the image on the rock. Touch up with white paint any defects on the white part of the rock.

Dry with a hairdryer or leave for 24 hours.

Painted Rocks

Now you can use a fine point sharpie pen or liquid acrylic paint to define the stencilled image outline.

High Flow Acrylics

I used 'Golden High Flow Acrylic' in Naphthol Red Light.

Painted Rocks

(Flow acrylics are available from your art supply stockist)

Dry with a hairdryer once detailed.

Painted Rocks

Spray coat with a sealer if going outdoors, or as I have done,  Mod Podge for indoors.

Dry with a hairdryer.

Painted Rock

Put the painted rock on a plate stand for indoors and add it to your vignette.

Geisha Doll

Display in your inside decor or outside in a protected position as on a covered deck, or if sealed with a spray sealer outside in the garden. 


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