30 September 2012


Meet Shanti-Rose...

Shanti-rose is a stunning red Burmese.  Age 4.
Pedigree name: Killishandra Quite A Gal.
More commonly known as 'The Terrorist'.  
Definitely the boss of the seven cats who reside at Mia Bella Gardens.

I love lime green...

Cute Birds...

I LOVE lime green!
Never can have too many I've decided!

29 September 2012

Art mash...

This is what I call an art mash (or collage)... using about five different pieces of my art that just weren't right...to evolve into this lovely picture.
Textural bits are washi paper, which is paper made from flax fibre.
This artwork reminds me of New Zealand - sun, sand, sea, flax, koru's, nikau's and kowhai's.

Stamped Heart Picture...

Easy Stamped Heart Picture ...

Some time ago, I saw a picture in a magazine of a what was possibly a screen-printed framed heart.  This got me thinking about how I could use my  ‘Stampin Up’ stamps to create something similar.
I used  a small patterned stamp and other smaller stamps in various designs, red paper and white ink.

Using the long heart template, I cut out the centre of the heart. You could use another shape - maybe a circle, star or square...
With the template taped in place to keep it stable, the stamps were randomly stamped using the red card as the background.
Carefully remove template when dry.  With a white colour pencil lightly define the outline of the heart shape.

 I framed the design in a white frame.

It now has a special place in my red and white sitting room.

Long Heart Template - copy to word or photoshop and enlarge.

28 September 2012


What a stunning azalea...
 (unsure of variety) It has been in the garden for 15 years. 
Halved in size by a storm a few years ago, 
but has recovered well. 


A lovely shot of orange in a shady spot in Mia Bella Gardens...

Clivias are native to Africa and Swaziland.
Common names include Kaffir lily and bush lily.
They are evergreen plants, with green, strap-like leaves.
Individual flowers are more or less bell-shaped,
 occurring in umbels on a stalk above the foliage;
 colors range from yellow through orange to red.
The Clivia is a shade loving plant.
They thrive in drier spots that most other shade loving plants struggle with.

#shadeplants #Clivia #floweringshadeplants #garden

27 September 2012

Slipper Orchid

What a cute wee slipper orchid.  
Plant name is 'Surtissim Sanderae'.
It has a lime green and white flower standing above varigated leaves.
I'm still trying to find out information about it, 
as here in New Zealand it is classified as 'rare'.
Currently happy sitting on the mantel 
in the bright light of the sitting room.

26 September 2012

White Clematis

Clematis Paniculata (Puawhananga )
This is a native climber that is found in forest and bush
throughout New Zealand.
Can be very difficult to grow, 
but loves it in Mia Bella Gardens...

25 September 2012

The latest purchase!

My latest addition to the Cymbidium Orchid collection...
said to be 'Red', 
but I think it is more burgundy.
The perfume emitting from the vase is completely delicious!
My visit to the Orchid show and sale was very controlled...
next year might be a different story....

I'm already thinking about Orchid house designs 
and where in Mia Bella I could put one.

Glorious Poppies...

Glorious Deep Salmon Coloured Poppies...

22 September 2012

Mia Bella Gardens - Early Spring

A sneak preview of Mia Bella Gardens in early Spring...such a fabulous time of year !

My new blog

Sunday 23rd September 2012

The first post - the first step in my creation of this new blog.
I am hoping to share inspirational ideas in arts, diy, home decor and crafts. Future projects will have step by step tutorial format, 
in case you are inspired and choose to have a go.
This blog is also for those who appreciate all things beautiful and delicious. 
I will also be sharing photographs of Mia Bella Gardens, inspirational and photographic quotes, and all the animals, and birds that live within it.

Welcome to my life of creativity...
Welcome to Mia bella Passions.
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