1 November 2012

Craft Room update...

The Craft room restyle progress is at snails pace...
with every good intention my days seem to be complicated with 'Stuff'.
Don't you just hate days like that...
I have a list of all the wonderful things I want to complete 
and create for the Craft Room,
 but seem to be getting absolutely no where!
Painting the create word black was as good as it got.
Though I did find an old shelf that will be perfect for extra storage for all those sewing bits and bobs...
needs a bit of TLC 
and of course, a dash of white paint!
Feeling the need to go shopping....
I am thinking some lovely glass jars to keep all those pretty buttons in.
Now that would look great on the shelf, 
as well as being functional.
Currently my buttons are unsorted in mixed colours 
and I like the idea of a jar for each colour.

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