7 October 2012

Pink Leptospermum

Leptospermum 'Aussie Blossom'.

This is Leptospermum scoparium x Leptospermum flavescens.

Leptospermum scoparium is native to New Zealand and Leptospermum flavescens is widespread along the eastern seaboard of Australia .

A very pretty small shrub that grows to about 1.5 metres tall.
Evergreen, with flowers from late winter to spring.

'Upside Down' Cymbidium Orchid

What a gorgeous Cymbidium orchid this is.  I had it in a pot and when it flowered the flowers were hanging upside down on the spike.  It just didn't look right at all as you just could not appreciate the beauty of the flowers, so now it has been potted into a hanging basket. 
The flower spikes hang down now, and look just perfect.
A lot of my orchids  have no records of names, as they were bought from yard sales, or from garden centres, and had no information attached. 
I've never seen another 'upside down' cymbidium before, so if anyone knows more - please share...
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