13 May 2015

DIY Photo Collage...

Let's make a DIY Photo Collage using  'Collageit' software from Pearl Mountain.
I jumped at the opportunity to review this product, because of it's many uses.
'Collageit' would create photo collages using pics of holidays, family or adored photographs, be useful for student school projects, or for business product marketing and advertising.
And then there are the myriad of uses this software offers to scrap-bookers and journal makers.
Oh,  and what a fab gift idea - Personalised 'Collageit' photographic presents for friends and family! 
Let's think Christmas, birthdays...
It is a fun product to use with three easy steps that are simple enough for everyone to understand.
The first step:  choose what collage template to use and the size.
Second step: Attach the digital photographs from your computer. Rearrange format, shuffle, crop, add frames, choose colours and change background.
Third step: Save, print and frame or share.

Here's a screenshot so you can see how basic it really is....
 At this stage I was adding a frame around the photographs I had put on the collage.
It shows white.  You can change the colour and I wanted a black frame, so that's what I changed it to with a simple click of the mouse! 
You can also change the line depth measurement and add shadows to the frame.
When you are happy with the layout- save it, in whichever picture format suits, and print.
Or share it....
via email, Facebook, or Flickr.
The collage created makes a fabulous wallpaper for the computer too.
 I printed my collage onto photographic paper, 
 and popped it into a frame.
A creative collage display - 
of my children, grandchildren, pets and favourite photos.
The black framed collage photos compliment the white matt and the black picture frame nicely.
 The entire tablescape on the cabinet top was based around the black and white theme of the framed collage.
 With a pop of pink of course!
 Pink ballerina fuchsias....
were a beautiful addition in their black teapot vase...

'Collageit' from Pearl Mountain 
Compatible with Windows 8/7/2000/XP/Vista.

'Mia Bella Passions' verdict : Recommended.
With this software it is goodbye to photos in albums tucked away in the back of the cupboard. 
The home photo wall gallery will never look the same!
So very easy to use, with concise, clear tabs, and a good selection of pre designed templates to choose from. Or if you want to get creative, you can choose a blank template to completely design your own format.
Choosing a pre design template as I did meant this project was quick and easy to complete. It took me 15 minutes to create my collage.
I was very happy with the end result. And framed up it is a perfect addition to my home décor.
I like the fact you can compact photographic memories, with an artistic visual effect, using a few photos or if you wish up to 200 photos, that will format up to A1 size or larger.  
I will definitely be creating more collages with this automatic collage maker!

Available for purchase online via http://www.pearlmountainsoft.com/collageit/

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