1 November 2015

After The Rain...

It had rained all day, 
then just before dusk,
the clouds parted and the sun peeped out.
With raindrops glittering on the garden, it was irresistible!
Out came the camera, and here are the captured images:
Raindrops on rose leaves...
 Tiny reflective orbs of gorgeousness!
 Heavenly scented stock flowers drooping with the weight of the water...
 Raindrops with a little purple colour manipulation.
 droplets of water in black and white...
 I'm loving the colours of this snap of the tip of a drenched Iris bud...
But this rose bud is my favourite,
I've added some pink and lemon yellow hues to make the droplets pop!
As always, you are welcome to print my images for personal use.
Or use as a screensaver.
ENJOY   :)