28 April 2016

Ginger Peach Mousse...

Here is another 'Blokes' Dessert...
Not overly sweet, but very creamy.
The flavours are ginger and peach.
For the 'Gals' there is the white chocolate swirl.
If you are very lucky your 'bloke' will let you have his too!
Though if you are a fan of ginger, you will love this Im sure...

Easy to prepare...

It's placed into mini ramekins.
Refrigerated until set.
Then decorated for serving.

I have to tell you all about these disposable icing bags from Cake Boss.
(I am not in any way being funded for this promo!)
I simply love them.  I have always used plastic bags as icing bags. 
But often you break the bags and end up with a mess. 
The Cake Boss bags are strong!
And even though they say disposable, you can wash, dry and reuse them.

Melt white chocolate.
Place in the bag.

Swirl into shapes on a baking paper lined tray.
Set aside to set.

Just before serving, add peaches and a chocolate swirl to each dessert.
Get the recipe HERE.

Ginger Peach Mousse is a fabulous dessert to prepare the day before you require.
Now that makes dinner party prep simple, don't ya think?

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