7 October 2018

It's All About Lavender....

This weeks post is a garden one...
because it's chaotic here at Mia Bella Passions homestead at the moment!
It's school holidays - so we have the added addition of little Miss Three and Master almost Seven!
PLUS three builders installing new double glazing in the living end of the house.
Add to the mix three very stressed out cats!
Because of all those happenings, I just didn't get my planned DIY completed...

So this weeks post is about a new plant.

A lavender.

It's called 'Lavender Avonview'.
Purchased to replace the Dutch Iris bulbs that have finished their Spring flowering in the office deck pot.
(Time to plant them out in the garden bed for next years flowering).
So in their place is now a Lavender'.

'Lavender Avonview'
or Lavandula stoechas 'Avonview' 
is a smaller growing lavender.
Perfect for the container...
and also garden beds and rockeries.
It is said to be a wonderful low hedge.
I've added a few purple petunias annuals to the pot too.
They will add to the 'pretty' when they flower and drape over the sides.

Compact but vigorous, this lavender thrives in sunny positions with well-drained soil.
Plus it tolerates coastal conditions and short periods of dryness once it is established.
Trimming after flowering helps maintain shape and more flowers!

I'm loving the shape, form and perfume of this lavender.
Its height is just 80cm by 80cm so it's perfect for my office deck pot.
The bonus is the bees LOVE it too!

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  1. I love lavender, I have several of the Hidcote variety planted and with all the rain we got the past 3 days I'm praying they don't suffer from it. Yours looks so pretty in the pot!

    1. Thanks Christine, I have never grown in a pot before, but this Lavender variety is meant to be good for that. :)

  2. Good Morning Tracey Lee, I adore lavender, so much so that I have a number of varieties flowering in my garden. They have now come to the end of their flowering period, as here in England we are experiencing Autumnal weather. Lavender really does not mind being in a pot, but I always make sure I have horticultural grit on top of the soil to keep the moisture from escaping.
    Enjoy your day.
    Best Wishes

    1. I love lavender too, and thank you for sharing the 'horticultural grit' idea for moisture retention in the pot. I will be doing this!

  3. Soothing lavender! I love it but can't grow it here in Florida because of the soil, the heat, and the rain. Thanks for sharing. I saw your link at the Sweet Inspiration Party.


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