17 October 2012

Joy Cushion...

I LOVE Christmas, and I am starting to think about what creations need creating for this years display...
Not sure where I first saw this cushion idea, (may have been on pinterest)...
but here is my version...
I love how this cushion fits into the red and white colour scheme of my sitting room. You could use a red cushion with white felt if you prefer.

I went to 'Bed Bath and Beyond' and bought an off white cushion (sale price $8), and some red felt from the fabric store (cost $2). The word joy letter template is off the web.
Cut out the template letters.  Pin to felt, cut out felt letters.

Lay out double sided fusing, and draw around the outline of the letters using pencil. Do an mirror image of the J. 
Use a hot iron to bond fusing to the felt letters. Trim edges.

Peel off the backing paper from the double sided fusing... Remove cushion inner from cushion and place felt letters in the centre overlapping the letters slightly.  Hot iron and fuse in place.

Top stitch with white cotton (red if your felt is white) around the letters using a sewing machine. Embellish (sequins, buttons, etc if you desire), but I chose to leave mine plain.
And there you have it...a joyous Christmas cushion, that's quick and easy to make.

Joy word template

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