29 October 2012

Pink & Pretty!

If someone asked me what my favourite colour was, I would have great difficulty in choosing just one...
Colour is life and I adore all colour. 
Today is 'Pink' day -
so here is a little bit of pretty in pink.

Stick Insect...

The stick insect is New Zealands largest insect,
of which  there are 21 different species.
We often come across them in Mia Bella Gardens
 and this one in the photo is tiny...
New Zealand’s largest stick insect is the bristly stick insect (Argosarchus horridus). Adult females such as the one climbing on this little girl in the attached photo have bodies up to 14 centimetres long (or 20 centimetres with their forelegs stretched in front of them).

Grey or brown, bristly stick insects are notable for the little spines on the thorax and abdomen. Although they might appear monstrous, like all the New Zealand species they are harmless vegetarians.

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