5 July 2013

Pretty in Pink...

Pretty in pink.

In New Zealand these pink lillies are commonly known as 'Naked Ladies'...

Otherwise known as the Belladonna Lilly...

Family: Amaryllidaceae   (am-uh-ril-id-AY-see-ee) 
Genus: Amaryllis   (am-uh-RIL-us) 

Species: belladonna   (bel-uh-DON-nuh) 

Gorgeous ribbon cushion in white...

with a pretty blossom themed duvet.

Delicate ribbon roses...

The Belladonna lilly is deliciously fragrant!

Clea the lilac Burmese joins the photo shoot!

"My fur is a fabulous contrast colour, don't you think?"

Emmm, time for a nap!

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