15 June 2013

'Laundry' Sign....

You can buy all sorts of quirky Laundry signs nowadays...
But I wanted to hand-craft one to match the blue of my laundry walls...
Plus hand-crafting is so much more fun than walking into a shop 
and just buying it!

This is how I made my laundry sign.... 

First of all I cut an MDF board to the desired size, and then painted it white.

 Using free lettering from the net, I block coloured the letters in blue, 
and printed using my home printer,  
then cut out the letter shapes...

I roughly hand tore the edges of three squares of 
pretty contrasting scrapbook paper.

Glued the squares onto the board first,
 then the lettering spaced over the squares.
I did this freehand, 
but if you want use a ruler to get perfect spacing.

Using permanent black stamping ink and desired stamps, 
stamp an edging design around the board.

 Once stamping ink is dry, 
use a black sharpie pen to outline the lettering.
When dry, lightly and quickly so as to not smudge the inks,
 coat entire board with a sealer.
(I used 'Mod Podge').

And here's the end result!
I'm really happy with how it looks with the blue walls!

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