4 November 2013

The Soul Cannot Live Without Love...

I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day,
 and it really got me thinking...
Do you think it was the dramatic black background 
and white font that did this?
On our morning walk 
Around Mia Bella Gardens...
past the aviaries,
Gracie and I came upon the most beautiful rose...
In bud it was perfect...
with a given name that sings.
(The rosette shaped yellow rose is a David Austin called 'Symphony'.)
In flower it was lovely...
it's fragrance was from heaven,
and my soul sighed a sigh...
And I thought about that quote in dramatic black and white,
that I just had to 'pretty' up a little.
(Here is my version of this quote 
using a rose photograph from 'Mia Bella Gardens'...)
While I was titivating this wee creation for you my friends, 
many questions were running through my mind...
Where do people get LOVE fixes from?
Are you like me and discover 
in many things...
Do you feel LOVE looking at a garden full of beauty?
Do you feel LOVE when a poem, story or film touches your heart?
Do you feel LOVE when your acts of kindness touch someone else's soul?
Or someone else's acts of kindness touch yours?
Do you feel LOVE when you create, bake or make something?
Do you feel love in laughter and smiles?
Do you feel LOVE when you spend time with family and friends?
Do you feel LOVE when you play and care 
for your furbaby, scaled or feathered pet friends?
Do you feel LOVE when at one with nature?
Next time you think your life is LOVELESS,
you just need to open your eyes 
LOVE is everywhere...
and it is BEAUTIFUL!

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