19 March 2014

NO SEW Slip Covers...

I kid you not...
NO SEW Slip Covers!
This would have to be the simplest project I have ever done.
From start to finish it took half an hour.
It would probably have been finished quicker, 
but the first pair of squabs covered
I managed to place in the fabric wrong way round, 
so had to redo.
Remember the 'ZIP TO THE BACK RULE' people!
So here is the end result...
What do you think?
Want to know how?
SIMPLY use small safety pins!
That's the super secret NO SEW bit.
(I saw this idea on Pinterest.)
You can use a piece of fabric
cut to size,
(don't you LOVE that word?)
place your squab onto it
(Or squabs x 2 as I did)
on the fabric and wrap it neatly.
Just as if you are wrapping a parcel.
And then all you do is...
SIMPLY place the safety pins in strategic positions 
to hold it all in place!
I used an old duvet cover
as I really liked the piping effect,
and I was being frugal, 
repurposing what I had.
So minutes after the newly covered squabs were place on the
covered patio couch,
 the comfort testing team promptly arrived!
"Yes...superb", said Shanti-Rose!
(Remember that you are inspecting my Mamma's NO SEW Couch Covers 
and not my obvious addiction to cat treats!) 
"So comfy, and now I am feeling sleepy"...said Tucker!
"Looks good...comfort approved...we've decided to stay!".
Emmm, Tucker and Shanti-rose
 may well have couch to people sharing issues I think!

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