12 May 2014

Free 'Mia Bella Gardens' Black And White Photo Printables...

As you know, I am in the midst of a home do up, 
with the Master Bedroom the first room in the house to get a makeover.


I  really liked the mirror idea for above the bedside tables...
So off I went to the shops 
and found the most delicious mirrors
 black with a hint of masculine French Country styling...
they were a horrific price.
It would have cost $120 for two mirrors!!!
And as I have a list of rooms to makeover, 
AND I am saving for a house lot of new carpet,
spending that much was just not an option.
I picked up two lovely long black frames with white mats 
($25 sale price for two).
Each frame would hold three photographs each.
 I could have taken images straight from the Internet,
(which I did do for one art piece in the room)
but for these frames
I wanted something a bit more personal.
I saw 'Sarah Richardson designer' do it on one of her 'Sarah 101' shows.
In fact Sarah and Tommy quite often do original photography or art 
when the budget does not allow for Gallery bought!
out came the camera, 
and I got snapping crazy!
 As I wandered around 'Mia Bella Gardens' and inside the house 
I looked for interesting shapes, leaves and flowers.
From the thirty or so photos,
I chose my favourites,
printed them ($6.00),
popped them in the frames,
and hung them above the bed side tables.
Total cost $31.00!!!!
AND they look AMAZING!
As I love to share,
here are the watermark free photographs.
FREE for you to copy 
(just right click & save to your home computer), 
print and enjoy.
You could use them for card making too.
(Note: Copyright applies for professional use, 
so please contact me for permission
via the Disclaimer page.)

And coming soon...
(yes I know...it's taking forever!)
The big reveal of the Master Bedroom Makeover
where you can see how I used the framed photo prints.


'French Detail'

'Brugmansia Bud'

'Strelitzia Leaf'

'Fruitsalad Plant No1'

'Five Finger Leaf'


'Eiffel Tower'

                                                      'Fruitsalad Plant No2'

'Gourd Flower & Bud'

'Fern Furl'

'Birdsnest Fern'

'Fleur de Lis'

 'French Heart'

'Leaf Veins'

'Metal Love'


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