3 June 2014

Olive Oil & White Vinegar Furniture Polish...

I am still muddling away
on the French country masculine bedroom makeover.
Patch and repairs of previous botched painting session are now complete...
Ensuite bathroom window now painted...
and the floor polished.
The drapes are hemmed, pressed and hung.
All that remains to do is sew a new blind for the small window.

The furniture in this room makeover is to remain unpainted 
in all it's natural wood glory...
and it was well time for a lick of polish,
so today I whipped up a home-made DIY Furniture polish...
Simply made from two ingredients.
Olive oil & white vinegar...

3/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup White Vinegar

So as I was mixing this up I thought, wow what a great gift idea...
Hence I got a wee bit side tracked from 
polishing the bedroom furniture!

So here is the polish...
looking pretty 
with label, gauze ribbon, flowers and pearls...
ready to gift!

Anyway, back to the task at hand,
Which was mix the polish and polish up the furniture...

Side tables have scratches...

And now you can hardly see them!

I am having a whoohoo moment!

And it just kept on getting better!
As you can see:
Tall boy chest of drawers,
with water marks, sun damage, and scratches...

Rescued by my DIY olive oil & white vinegar furniture polish 
that quite kindly rehydrated that thirsty wood.

And it was an instant result!
Miraculously blending all those marks and scratches to almost nothingness.
And what was even more pleasing was there was no sticky or oily residue.

How did I not know about this wonderful DIY polish before...

I have always had a love hate relationship 
with this Balinese rosewood vase:
so I brushed my polish on to it, 
and thought...
you are actually quite beautiful!

But can you believe the difference here....

I just don't know how many times I muttered, 
"This is AMAZING!".

And now the carved vase has a place to call home
 in the French country masculine bedroom makeover!

Guess what I'm doing for the rest of today...
polishing all the wood in my house!

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