18 July 2014

Pink Japanese Anemones...

 I think that Japanese Anemones are a beautiful flower...
These darlings are also known as windflowers.
 Available in single and double blooms
 in white, soft pinks, darker pinks and mauve shades.
New hybrids in dwarf form are being developed.
Some gardeners love them as I do....
others loathe them!
 The original white variety in particular can be quite invasive.  
So beware if you like to be in complete control of your garden beds. 
 There are three varieties of Japanese Anemone at Mia Bella Gardens, 
where I just let them do their thing, they spread as they wish, 
as I don't find it difficult to do an end of season cull to keep them in order.
 Each season a rosette of dark green leaves
 is topped by graceful stems that reach 1/2 to 1.8 metres in height.
The delicate flowers of up to 6cm across 
nod in their beautiful hues 
with round seed heads once the blooms have finished.
They will grow in sun or part shade.
 The Japanese Anemone is from the Ranunculaceae family.
It was grown in Japanese gardens for centuries,
 but was in fact of Chinese origin.
In New Zealand they flower from February, March to the end of April.
Although not a long lasting picking flower, 
you can get a day or two from them in a vase.
They don't wilt, and the buds will open.

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