1 August 2014

DIY Table Runner...

A great way to update the decor is to add a table runner to a table.
They are incredibly simple to make.
Here is one I have just made...
It's got a beach theme going on, 
but also has a little French Country feel too with the linen look.
It's is gorgeous, from the Spotlight range of upholstery fabrics.
This one really appealed, as where I live is coastal.
It compliments the stunning painting of one of the Bays in my area.
I also fancy this fabric as it is a bit kiwi 
(Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand,
 but also a term used to describe a New Zealand National).
It's kiwi because of the lovely shells depicted on the fabric. 

All of which can be found in New Zealand.

To make:

All you need is fabric the length of the dining or coffee table.
Heavier fabric types are best.
If you like an overhang as I do, allow a bit more fabric.
Then allow another 5 cm for hemming on one end.
So all you do is iron your fabric to remove creases.
Fold the fabric lengthways in half with right sides together.
Press with iron again making sure edges are together.
Pin edges and across one end together.
Sew around pinned edges.
(At this stage it is like a huge pillowcase. )
Then turn right way.  Use a knitting needle to push corners of sewn end out.
Press with iron again.
On unhemmed end, fold cut end under and press to seams together with iron.
Sew together.  
Top stitch other end to look the same.
You can leave the table runner plain, 
or stitch beads that have been strung in a row on ends of each corner.

To finish the table, 
I added a large glass vessel (from Freedom Furniture) 
into which a coffee scented candle resides.  
Delicious aroma when lit!

A simple table runner but visually pleasing.
Half an hour is all you need to complete this sewing project.

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