26 October 2014

Table Centrepiece - Aqua bowl and Flower Posy...

I am in love with bowls...
 And look at this one!
 What a beauty!!!
In all it's aqua embossed gorgeousness!!!
She fair yelled 'TAKE ME HOME'
from the shelf in the Hospice Shop...
And that is what happened.
Because it is perfect for a table centrepiece.
Perfect as it is...
Perfect filled with garden flowers!

For the simplest table centre piece that takes minutes to pull together,
 you will need 'a beautiful bowl' and
a bunch of garden flowers....
From 'Mia Bella Gardens' I gathered
 white statice, pink polyanthus, pink clematis, and soft pink cineraria.
 Then simply (woohoo - back to my favourite word!)...
fill bowl with an inch or two of water
(Enough so flower stems will be quenched)
use the statice as a base,
cutting stems quite short and crossing them over in the bowl.
Then use the statice base as a frame to place the other flowers in position.
 And that is it...
 Very effective...
 And complete eye candy!
 I know you are thinking...
That won't last!
 But believe me...
Clematis is an underrated flower for picking,
as it lasts very well!
 As is Polyanthus.
Did you know that?
 Every tiny Poly bud will open,
which makes it a perfect posy flower!
 What a superbly stunning vignette!
 Just can't stop clicking!
 Have you seen enough photographs yet?
 Ok last one...
The Editor in Chief (Arabella) has just said enough...
get this posted to the Blog!!

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