18 November 2014

Christmas Dandelion Wish Sign...

Don't you just LOVE dandelions?
Don't you just LOVE wishes?
I do, so I thought let's create a dandelion wish sign just for Christmas...
Mine is quite big,
as I wanted it as a statement piece for the front porch,
 but you could downsize it if you want.
Paint a piece of wood (130cm x 18cm) bright RED.
Print the letters to the wish word
Make sure you flip it and mirror image it.
This is easy to do if you have Microsoft word.
Follow the instructions on how to do it at this link:
I tested this out and it works well.
Cut around each letter.
Place into position on the wood.
Tape to hold.
Then brush water on it...
this transfers the image.
Go over it in paint if you wish or leave it as it comes out.
Instructions on how to transfer this way can be found at
Upcycled Treasures...
Or you can freehand draw the letters
  as I did using a black sharpie ink pen.

Then Paint it.

Next paint on some dandelion flowers...
and when dry give it a coat of clear varnish.
And here it is.

Wishing every visitor to Mia Bella Gardens a Dandelion wish.... 
Stop by tomorrow to see the completed Christmas front porch...
See you then.

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