DIY Tin Can Christmas Wreath...

Tin Cans, burlap ribbon, Christmas ribbon, string and a can of spray paint...
and in a jingle of a Christmas bell, 
you have a wonderful wreath that is a little different!
 I thought to myself that this pinterest found idea would be SIMPLE to create...

On hindsight that thought is actually quite funny,
as getting a whole bunch of strung tin cans 
to stay in a circular shape 
is DIFFICULT to say the least.
So this is how it went...

Spray paint 8 tin cans in the colour of your choice.
My colour of choice was Cherry red, 
as I really wanted a bright and Christmas colourful front porch.
When dry,
 Decorate four of the cans with ribbon...
Just like this.
Thread string through the holes you have punched in the end of each can,
alternating the plain can with the decorated one.
Now this is the fun bit.
Pull the string tight and knot,
and try your hardest to maintain that lovely circle of cans!!!
I admit this is where the glue gun appeared...
and that helped a little bit.
My very oval wreath became a very, very wonky circle.
(Next time I do this I'm thinking soldering may be a better plan!)
Make a hanger and tie in position at top of wreath,
then glue on a decorative a bow.
Burlap was used,
 as my Christmas theme this year 
is to incorporate burlap with the colours I've chosen.
Even though the end result is far from perfect,  
(OK - I hear is completely imperfect,
it's wonky, and yip it is OVAL!)
- I LOVE this idea...
And it certainly ticked the box for a POP of Christmas RED
and a little bit of burlap on the front porch display.
 And the best thing ever is this can wreath is 'George Proof'!

For my new friends here is the link for George's story:

For the second attempt at a tin can wreath see the 'Beach' version:

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