5 November 2014

Christmas Picture No.2: Glitter Stags Head...

The stag head decor craze is as popular still as ever...
and I have to admit to having a few stag head items in my home decor.
As it's Christmas craft time,
 I thought why not create a glitter stag head silhouette.
And that is what happened!
Christmas picture No.2 in the series of three,
 is a glitter stag head silhouette.

So here is how you make one...

The Stag head silhouette template I used is FREE from:
The ink had almost run out on the printer, 
but that didn't matter as I only needed the outline.
Cut of the inside so you have a silhouette.
 Tape the page into position on the canvas 
(Or heavy card if you are framing the pic)
apply glue to the inside of the  silhouette template.
I used craft glue as it is thicker than pva glue and didn't run under the template.
Plus the thicker glue, even though it's a bit tricker to manipulate, 
gives a neat 3D effect.
I spread it using a palette knife.
Then cover with glitter in a colour of your choice.

Shake off excess.
Then carefully peel back the template. 
Using the palette knife push random stragglers back into shape.
And that is it!
SOOOO easy to do....
yes my friends it's SIMPLE!!!
You can use this technique to create all sorts of silhouette pictures.
A fun activity for the kids too!

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