26 April 2014

Home Do Up Time...

At last time allows for a little bit of interior upgrading.
But where to start?
Wash House?
Master Bedroom?
Bedroom 1?
Bedroom 2?
Craft Room?
Well the Master Bedroom got the big tick...But what to do?
I am not changing the wall colour,
 with just a tiny bit of paint patch and repair required.
Nothing major! Yay!!  
In fact all of the neutrals in the room 
currently are tone on tone...
curtains the same as wall colour but with a soft pattern.
A bit like this minus the chandelier, with the addition of drapes.
Accessories and artworks dare I say it:
are an outrageous LIME GREEN!
Influences from my 'bright colour lovin' days.
Now I LOVE bright colour as much as white,greys and neutrals..
'cos I am a colour loving girl at heart,
 nothing like a pop of dramatic in a room I say!
So what to do?
First step - remove the lime green, dust and clean.
Touch up paint...
and then choose what to do!
Let's head in a subtle colour-way direction, 
but add a bit of drama with black...
hmmmmm ?
I never was a fan of stripes, 
but for some reason I am tempted by them...
To Stripe or not to stripe?
Decisions - decisions -
 so it's Master Bedroom mood board idea collecting time!
For a more masculine themed room I'm tempted by:
Striped window dressings...

(Habitat Verona Drapes from Briscoes)

This room has a lot of windows so they could look quite dramatic 
teamed with the neutral wall colour!

Or maybe neutral drapes with a tieback...
Metal?   Tasseled?   Or Chain?

And then there is the question of how to decorate above each bed side table?
Matching mirrors are a possibility...
I like this idea!
Or even matching artworks framed the same.

Should I also add a little hint of black drama with black accessories?
Or a pop of gold...
In accessories and bedding?

Or a quilt that incorporates the black and neutrals.
I'm liking this one from Wallace Cotton.
That leaf pattern way is quite masculine.
Linen? With stripe detailing?
OR a
striped duvet cover?
Can I sneak in a bit of masculine French Country?
Striped floor mat = Nice!
Fleur De Lis sculpture = Nice!
A hint of blue - I like that too.
Earthy neutrals with black accents?
Back to nature type accessorising...
or rustic blends?
So many choices...
What shall I choose?
I am now off to ponder all these wonderful ideas
and create my lookbook for this room,
look out for the final reveal.

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