25 July 2014

Mia Bella Winter Garden...

A peek at
Mia Bella Gardens
in Winter…
Love the gorgeousness of this Solanaceae, 
from the dainty purple flowers to the cute furry leaves!
(which I have now found out is actually a plant called Woolly Nightshade...so must be removed as it is a problem pest plant in New Zealand!)- for more information about this plant and it's toxicity go to:
 Green fern fronds glow in the winter sunlight...
This variety of fern is a called a birds nest fern.
Pot's of orchids brighten dull corners...
This one is a mini cymbidium,
called ' Melanie Sulphur Valley'.
Pops of pink standard cymbidium orchids
 cheer those who visit on cold winter days...
 In the warmth of winter sun, 
pretty camelias...
 Attract a few brave bees...

 As does this deliciously scented small shrub 
called 'Heaven Scent'.
 Another winter bee attraction is the Jade tree,
which flowers two months long during the season.
 Standing tall like a sentinel at the pool gate.
And yes, if you are wondering it is ' impressively huge'!
Once a pot plant, and now a statement garden plant,
this Jade tree is 30 years old. 
He stands a handsome 1.4 metres tall
by 2.4 metres wide.
The trunk has a circumference of 84cm at the base.
The bird bath is shrouded by potted orchids in bud and variegated grasses...
There is a sea of orange...
I know it's wrong that marigolds are blooming mid winter,
but they self seed and love Mia Bella Gardens glasshouse!
 Ella cat is quite happy 
soaking up the heat from the stone paths...
 Or relaxing on an outdoor chair.
 There are stems of stock, for winter picking...
 Pots of lobelia for pretties...
Beautiful, and fragrant cane stemmed begonias...
And ablutions too.
There is no riot of colour 
apart from the marigolds!
Just pops and hints of colour here and there
 amongst the shades of greens, browns and gold.
Mia Bella's winter garden, 
is still beautiful, don't you agree?

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