23 October 2014

Christmas Ideas for Mia Bella...

I ADORE Christmas decorations...
I ADORE crafting, creating and cooking for Christmas...
and planning is paramount.
 the days just simply disappear, 
then before you know it...
Bells are jingling and... 
Christmas celebrations have begun!
I look forward to sharing these creations with ya 
all over the next few months...
So lets start 
with the Christmas picture.
Thank you to:
'The Cottage Market'
as this is where I found 
a fab Christmas  chalkboard printable.

Rudolph Chalkboard Art
Go to this link to get it:

You can frame Christmas printables
but I wanted to use a canvas as a backing.
First, I printed the picture onto heavy card.
I painted a black background on the canvas using acrylic paint.
 Then when it was dry, 
glued the Rudolph Printable onto to that.
 I used  craft glue to create a border around the print...
 And covered it in gold glitter.
 And before you make noises about my heavy handed glittering,
The excess was tipped into my Stampin Up Glitter collecting tray.
 Which you then tip the excess back into the bottle.
And here is the finished piece!!
Visit again soon to see some more ideas for Christmas...
We'll be making:
*A Lidded glass jar filled with truffles
*Music sheet angel wing decorations
*Burlap ruffle and candy cane mantel decor
*A staghead Christmas picture
*Burlap tree bows 
*Birdcage fairy light display
*Tin can wreath for front door 
(Only option as it is 'George Proof' - WHY? - see post 
http://miabellapassion.blogspot.co.nz/2014/01/painted-door-mat.html )
*A dining table centrepiece
*repurposed black tree decorations

See you soon!

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