6 December 2014

Christmas table centrepiece, and the berry dilemma...

You know how sometimes you throw together some decor pieces...
and it just works!
It looks perfect,
and it is exactly what you had in your mind's vision...
a disaster strikes...
Well that is exactly what happened with the Christmas table centrepiece!
So let's start the story from the beginning...
Take one gorgeous chippy French look handmade bowl.
Some beach-found wee pine cone like seedpods.
(Perfect for the bowl.)
A candle up in the cupboard,
 some red berries in the Christmas 'bits' box.
Put it all together,
and the vignette was lovely.
Simple, a little Frenchy, 
a whole lot wonky 
(a little like my tin can wreath on the front porch),
and rustic.
I loved it!
So it was placed on the table in readiness for the new table runner I had yet to sew.
But over the next few days,
berries were discovered in various places throughout the house.
And then one got chewed...
And then another one...
The fur babies (alias the Christmas Grinches) 
had taken a particular liking to the red Christmas berries.
So I began to rethink my centerpiece design.
But the berry novelty quickly waned,
perhaps it was the polystyrene taste as only two got chewed, 
the new game became 'roll the little pinecones'!
I LOVE the wee bowl dressed in all it's merry glory.
And so it has remained the same...
Though I am not sure how many pine cones will actually survive to see Christmas Day.
The reindeer table runner was sewn
and with the bowl it looks
Christmas fabulous!

Stop by Tuesday for the step by step photo tutorial 
on how to make the  DIY Quick Sew Christmas Table Runner...

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