6 January 2015

Create a simple Driftwood Heart...

What a cutie this driftwood heart is...
So easy to make.
And a great excuse to go to the beach,
driftwood collecting is so much fun,
and the sea air is revitalising!
It's also the perfect holiday activity for the kids,
as it is complete in a few hours.

What you need to create a simple driftwood heart is:
A heart template.
Sturdy cardboard (from a box)
Paint in a colour of your choice
small driftwood pieces.
Tape and a piece of jute rope to hang.

Cut out your heart template if it is printed on paper.
I used an elongated heart design.
Country Heart Pattern 500

Use this as a template to transfer the shape on to the cardboard.
Cut it out.
Paint the heart shape and set aside to dry.
Glue the driftwood pieces on to the heart.
Once again leave to dry.
Tape a piece of jute rope to the back of the heart
Hang on your wall and enjoy!

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