21 April 2015

DIY Rope and Brass Curtain Tie Backs...

I have been searching for quite some time 
for the perfect tie back for the Masculine French Bedroom to no avail.
A few years back I saw somewhere on the internet a DIY rope tieback.  
 I thought rope is quite masculine = perfect....
so this is my version...
For four curtain tie-backs you will need....
(all materials for this project were found at Bunnings Warehouse)

4 x 20mm snap hooks
4 metres rope (thickness of your choice)
4 x brass olives (in the plumbing section) or brass rings
1 roll of 1 ply Sisal Lashing.
A glue gun & glue
Cup hooks 

(note chain is in the photo as I was going to use this, but didn't.  :))
Cut rope into 4  pieces.
I wanted a nice drape effect on the tie back,
so I cut my rope to 4 pieces measuring 90cm each.
If you want a tighter tieback shorten the length, 
making sure you allow for the turn-backs.
Put the snap hook through the rope... 
 Use the sisal lashing and the hot glue to fold back and bind the rope as shown.
 Do the same with the brass olive or ring.
 Trim the excess hairy bits of the rope to tidy it.
 Follow these instructions for the four tie backs.
 Use the cup-hooks to attach at the back to the window frame or door jamb...
Make sure you measure the height from floor for each hook,
 so that the tiebacks hang at the same level.
Rope and brass curtain tiebacks that are a whole lot masculine...
The French masculine bedroom now has a hint of nautical...
French meets nautical?
Yes - I LOVE it!

#curtaintiebacks #rope #diy #brass #nautical


  1. Great project! Thanks for the tuturial.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us!


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