14 April 2015

Simple DIY Vintage Book Stack...

 Let's create a simple décor piece using books...
A book stack looks fabulous,
especially if made with vintage books!
 I adore old books...
Just look at the gorgeous cover design, and detail on this 'Anne of Ingleside' classic!
I  have the shabbiest old battered and torn books in my collection...
because they are oozing history,
and even in the most derelict state, I find them utterly beautiful.
 So to create a book stack,
all you need is a collection of old books.
The ones I chose are following the aqua and neutrals theme...
 Use a ribbon or jute string to tie around the books.
The ribbon I used was a white gauze.
 You can leave the vintage book stack just like that, 
or you can add an embellishment.
I had this sterling silver dragonfly, so decided to add that to the stack.
 Using a thread and needle, it was hand stitched to the ribbon.
 So pretty, and so cheap to create, 
as vintage books can be picked up for very little at garage sales, and op shops.
A simple vintage book stack...
lovely to keep or to gift!

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  1. I love vintage book stacks too! They really do make a nice presentation and can add so much interest in decorating!


  2. I just love the look! I have quite a few vintage books but no stacks yet! Love the ribbon and dragonfly. So simple but so pretty.

  3. The simplicity of a book stack is what is so lovely. :)


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