12 April 2015

Unbaked Mango Lime Cheesecake...

Lime love....
And right now the lime tree in Mia Bella Gardens is full of green deliciousness!
What a great excuse to make a lime cheesecake....
Combine it with mangoes...
For a tropical dessert treat, 
that's quick and easy to prepare too!
Visit here for the printable recipe:
The unbaked Mango Lime Cheesecake is a delicious go to -
 when you want a treat that is not super sweet...
but tart with lime, and tangy with mangos.


  1. Mmmm!! Lime and mango is one of my favourite combinations! This just looks so, so perfect! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for joining our Fabulous Foodie Fridays link up xxx

  2. After all that chocolate at Easter it sure is a nice treat that's not so sweet... :)


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