9 April 2015

Lets create a stag's head silhouette cushion...

It seems I am so last year!
Or was that the year before?
Never mind -
 I'm still loving all that is deer or stag.
And finally...
have created a stag head silhouette cushion for the TV room!
In or out of décor styling trends, it matters little, 
as this stags head cushion fits perfectly with the Mia Bella décor!
The cushion has a chevron textured weave in a chocolate brown fabric.
And the felt is white.
I'm LOVING it!
So lets create a stag's head silhouette cushion...

You will need:
*A cushion in in the colour of your choice.
*Felt in a contrasting colour.
*Printed silhouette template.
I used this one:
*A sewing machine,  with contrasting cotton.
(Or if you prefer, you can use the hand stitch appliqué method.)
Cut out your paper silhouette template.
Pin to the felt...
and cut this out.
Take the inner out of the cushion case. 
 Pin the felt silhouette in position on the case.
 Stitch around the edges of the felt silhouette.
From start to finish, about half an hour to complete this project.
(That's if you machine stitch.)
Right now...I don't care what's in or out in home décor style...
The vote is my stag cushion is 'IN'!

#diy #cushion #staghead #silhouette #sewing 


  1. Love it! Makes me long for the sewing machine I gave to my daughter. Have a great weekend!

  2. Super productive weekend thanks Laurie :) With gorgeous sunshine too! Perhaps your daughter will let you borrow the sewing machine back for a while...

  3. This is sooo good and REALLY makes me wish that I could sew!
    Thanks as always, for sharing on Something to Talk About!

  4. Never to late to learn sewing , karen :) No one taught me, I just did it (and there were many disasters in the early years of sewing lol), but it is a skill I am so thankful I have now.


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