5 May 2015

Mia Bella House Tour - The French Masculine Bedroom...

The French Masculine Bedroom consists of neutral earthy tones...
with a pop of black.
The drapes are pulled back with brass and rope curtain tiebacks.
For the DIY photographic tutorial on how to make them, click here:
Wall art is an original vintage etching and a Paris graphic that have been framed in black.
The furniture has been left natural wood to compliment the wooden skirting and door frames. 
The large basket is to collect the clothing that would normally be left on the floor.  
(And it works a treat - training does not take long to complete!)
The dado rail in the ensuite is also oiled wood,
and guess what?
The love of shells continues here as it does in the 'Blue Bathroom'!
There is a bit of a original beachy artwork on the wall too.
The duvet was found at Briscoes...
I love the pin-tuck effect.
The crown cushion in natural linen and black is from Wallace Cotton.
The quilt is also from Wallace cotton.
The leaf print is very masculine.
Here's the link to their online store: Wallace Cotton Online
The bedside table displays the flying pig,
a black metal crown, filigree metalwork ball,
a huge crystal rock.
Note how Mr Pig is sitting on a few vintage books.
This is referred to displaying using a riser.

The other bedside table has a basket to hold all the 'bloke' bits...
A stylish basket is the perfect solution to bloke mess!
I'm loving the open weave and the cool metal handle.
Above each bedside table are some framed images...
You'll find these FREE photographs here:
On the antique tallboy sits a moth orchid in a bowl.
The knick knacks are items collected on holidays to Bali and Fiji and continue the natural wood, stone and black theme.
Moth orchids are a favourite of mine.
Especially the white ones!
The centre of the flowers look like angelic doves....
So beautiful!
To make your own orchid bowl,
click here for the tutorial: DIY Moth Orchid Bowl
Arabella enjoys the afternoon sun in the French masculine bedroom.
It's a room with subtle colouring,
 but I think the black accents and natural wood gives it wow factor!


  1. The entire room is a wow factor! So many interesting things to look at!

  2. Thank you Amy for your compliments. :)

  3. That's absolutely beautiful!

  4. Just beautiful! I have fallen in love with your duvet! It is just what I have been looking for! I couldn't find it on the site you listed. Any way you could pass the collection and brand name?! Thanks!

  5. Unfortunately I don't have the name for it. It was bought through the sale items in the online shop. As was the cushion. Wallace Cotton always have a beautiful selection so if you can't source this one, perhaps there's another one that might work for your room.


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