30 June 2015

Dining Table Décor - An Olive Tree In A Pot...

I have seen the potted olive tree idea so often...and I LOVE IT!
Large trees in wicker baskets in lounges, in large pottery urns on porches, 
and small trees on dining tables, or on kitchen bench tops.
It took quite some time to locate the perfect olive tree for this project,
most were at least two metres tall...
just a little large for the table top decorating idea!
But once found, my 60 cm tall olive tree,
 was root-pruned and potted into a new plastic pot, 
Baby Tears covers the soil in the pot.
Which was then placed inside a lovely French pressed metal display pot.
Then a with a few snips of the secateurs, the tree was shaped into a standard.
The dining table runner was updated with this newly made one in neutral grey stripes.
(And yes the table and chairs are on the paint and distress 'To do list'.  :) )
This runner is just a strip of remnant fabric, overlocked and hemmed on all four sides.
For another Mia Bella Passions super easy to make table runner, click the link here:
DIY Table Runner Instructions
It is so nice to make a few simple changes to a room that will instantly give a fresh new look to your décor.
All you need to do is rearrange , move a few things to new places, 
add a new table runner, potted plants or vases of flowers....
What I did is: clear the clutter,
(amazing how piles of papers, and things do appear over time),
added a new dining table runner and the potted olive tree...
It now looks fresh and FABULOUS!!!
So while we are in the dining room, I'll show you around...
This room is the centre hub,
with the TV Room, Kitchen and sitting room all connecting to it.
It's not big, but the flow is good.
 There are two china cabinets in the dining room.
This is the large one.
The vignettes on top  are always changing.
There's an antique heirloom chair  
(Must do up one day!)
That's the a peek at the dining room...
now rocking a potted olive tree.
Are you inspired to freshen up your dining room?

#olivetree #potplants


  1. This is amazing! What a great idea, I just might steal it. I love how simple it is. I found you over on Something to Talk About link party.

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