5 July 2015

Distressed Stamped Décor Pots...

Distressed with white paint, and stamped with cute pictures,
these DIY décor pots, are fabulous for holding bits and bobs.
Or make some for gifts.
 You will need terracotta pots.
I used small sized ones.
All you do is dry brush the pots with white paint.
Dry brushing gives an instant distressed look.
 Use a back and forth motion to brush the paint on.
This brush is really soft and fluffy.
 You can see here that there is not a lot of paint on the brush.
Build up your layers of paint colour until it's to your liking.
Leave to dry.
 Stamping pots is a little bit tricky...
Choose an image that is not too large. Press stamp into black ink.
Make sure the stamp is evenly covered with the ink.
 Roll the stamp as you press it to the shape of the pot.
Practice on a bit of paper that you are holding onto the pot first if you haven't done this before. 
You roll the stamp from the side of the image to the middle and then to the other side while following the curve of the pot using a firm pressure.
Remember - You only get ONE chance to get it right!
 Let ink dry,
then seal pot with a clear coat spray sealer.
Just what I need in the art studio to hold all those bits and pieces.
And so very pretty too!

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  1. These are gorgeous but so high stakes! I feel like I would totally mess up the stamping part. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. This is the first time I have done this and I succeeded! They are not perfect - look below bird tail, and the leaf. A bit of ink that should not be there. Once you get the hang of the press and roll technique on the pot/paper first you should be able to do it.

  2. It looks really cute! How long did it take to make this?

    1. As you are dry brushing the paint, it dries very fast. A hot sunny day helps with drying. :) From start to finish with drying time it took me about 1 hour to make these.

  3. Nicely done. I like your choice of SU stamps used.

  4. these are lovely perfect spring project too. Hugs!

    1. I love mine. Because they are in my studio, I get to admire them while I work! :)


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