10 November 2015

Framed Christmas Bauble Picture...

It's always fun to change up the décor for Christmas, and as I have been doing a bit of paper craft lately,  I decided to craft a simple picture using Christmas scrapbooking paper.
This idea is originally for card making by Homemade Gifts Made Easy.
But I have popped the picture I made in a frame for the mantel.

You will need to:
Gather together some glue, ribbon, heavy card, Christmas themed papers and embellishments.

Print this template and cut out the desired ornament shapes you want to use. 
I used two shapes.
Prepare a frame.
This old frame was painted red.
 There are many beautiful Christmas papers available. Choose two.
 Pencil (I used pen so you could see, but pencil is best) around your templates,
and cut out your two ornament shapes...
Glue into position on the card, which has been cut to the right size for the frame.
Stagger the heights of the two ornament shapes. 
Add ribbon hangers and embellishments.
When glue is dry, pop into the frame.
Simple Christmas paper craft the kids would love to do too!

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