12 November 2015


Love Tim Tams?
Love Chocolate?
Then this Christmas creation will be your HEAVEN!
A Tim Tam Chocolate Wreath! 
You will need:
 For a three layer - 36 Arnotts Tim Tam biscuits
For a four layer as I have made - 48  Arnotts Tim Tam Biscuits.
Milk & white chocolate melts
Red and green lollies
 Melt a little milk chocolate over hot water...
 On a large round platter, join 12 biscuits to create a circle.
 It will look like this.
 Then do the same with the second layer as shown.
Continue in this way until you have your three or four layers completed.
Melt white chocolate over hot water....
Dribble over the biscuits so it resembles snowy icles...
(this is quite funny as the humidity is 90% and it is near 25 degrees today in the Bay Of Plenty  - and I'm making snow!!)
Decorate with red and green lollies as desired...
Keep refrigerated if you live in a warm climate,
Just bring out  to room temperature for 10 minutes before cutting into pieces.
 A WOW Factor Christmas treat for sure...
A serious chocolate biscuit lovers Christmas fix... 

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