15 January 2015

In love with Whiskers, and Macro Photography...

This is my very first attempt at macro photography...
and believe me, so much skill is required.
It is most definitely NOT as easy as one may think 
even with a specialty macro lens attached to the camera body.
But I am hooked!
My steadiness of hand is non existent!
And to get a windless day where I live is nigh impossible!
(wind and macro photography do not work well together.)
A tripod, aperture changes, a few online lessons and a whole lot of practice
may be the next steps in my Macro photography journey.
The dewdrop and flower subjects were complete fails 
(lets blame the wind!)
However Shanti-Rose was the most forgiving model, 
as I photographed her beautiful cat face and whiskers.
 In love with whiskers,
and Macro Photography...

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