12 March 2015

Porch Love...

Nothing beats a covered porch for summer dining,
an outdoor room to relax in, listen to music, or spend time with family & friends.
So today I'm sharing 'Mia Bella Passions back porch'...
 It's quite a large area,
sited between a bedroom and the red sitting room.
Bonus is it has a roof!
There's an old oak table centred on the deck that has a mosaic top.
The picture is of a butterfly.
The words read: Fly like a butterfly - free.
 Of course there is the mandatory fresh flowers...
a bowl of creamy white lilies.
The chairs are worn wood, 
I thought maybe one day I'll chalk paint them,
 but right now they're just plain shabby,
but I like that!
The old fish tank sits atop a huge cabinet...
it contains air plants, a bromeliad, rocks, and driftwood and various treasures. 
 There are quite a few plants...
I'm quite fond of orchids...
 Rhododendrons and bromeliads...
The stencilled valentines mat sit's outside the bedroom door.
Here's the link on how to make one:
French doors open onto the deck from this room...
as well as French doors on the opposite side from the red sitting room.
 An old patio aviary sits in the corner,
  that's used to store baskets and bits...
 The upcycled chandelier/candelabra hangs from the ceiling beam...
 There are practical shelves for those shoes...
 And room for some pretties too...
 A black wrought iron birdcage and globe
 A hand-painted gourd birdhouse.
 There's quite a few birdhouses actually!
The back porch is a fabulous place to relax,
to enjoy the flowers,
and simply chill out in the tranquillity!
 Tucker agrees...
Shanti-Rose thinks it is a fabulous place to nap too.
Isn't she the cutest?
               Cat love moment…)
There was just one thing missing from the back porch decor,
and that was a porch rules sign...
so what does one do...
get creating of course!
Using the free vintage Chrysanthemum flower printable from here:
I added some wording in various fonts, printed it on matt photo paper, and popped it in a brassy gold frame.
That is complimentary to the lone brass upcycled chandelier which is now a candelabra!
Read about that DIY session here:
I'm loving the new Porch Rules sign,
and it's the perfect finishing touch!

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