8 January 2016

How To FREEZE Rhubarb...

Rhubarb - deliciously tart 
Perfect stewed, served with custard sauce
in cakes, muffins or slices.
The trouble with rhubarb is it is ready to pick from the plant all through summer,
and then winter comes...
and the plant becomes dormant.
So here is a little knowhow so you can enjoy rhubarb treats year round.
To freeze:
Pick your rhubarb.
Remove the leaves.
Wash the stalks.
Slice or dice.
Blanch (dip into boiling water) for 90 seconds.
Bag into lots of:
 1 cup (for muffins)
4 cups (for stewing, cakes and slices)
Label bags... 
and place in freezer.
Thaw before using.

Stop by in a few days time...
I'll be sharing how to make this Rhubarb Vanilla Custard Slice. 

#rhubarb #dessert 

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