12 January 2016

Lets create a doily cushion...

I LOVE repurposing things. 
 In fact there is a cupboard in the house, and a cupboard in the shed that stores stuff
 that fits the  'Keep this - because I could change it up one day!' category.
This cushion had really seen better days and was in the said cupboard.
The minty colour is adorable, 
and I have a new duvet cover which it will fit with quite nicely.
Also in the cupboard was this beautiful vintage doily.
Put the two together and this is what was created.
It was really easy to do.
Place the doily centred on the cushion cover (inner removed).
Pin to the cover.
 Machine stitch around outer edge.
 Put the inner back inside the cover...
The cushion was from Freedom...
 And with it's beautiful lace doily on front, 
has a new lease of life.
Repurposing is so much FUN!
Every room should have something in it that makes you smile...
And this doily cushion does just that for me!

#doily #upcycle #diy #cushion #sewing


  1. Very Very Nice, repurposing always rocks ! I have always marveled at the dexterioty and eye site a person must have to make these pieces of cloth art.
    This pillow looks complete and showing off the Doily.
    Good stuff for sure, Oh and having fun, very important for sure.
    You made a wonderful creation of this pillow. Not to mention your photography is Awesome and really shows some great detail of your process of creating this piece.
    Great Share !
    PS.Thanks for the follow on Pinterest,

    1. Thanks Greg...Even though I love rust and gnarly old wood I'm a huge sucker for pretty too, especially if repurposed! :)

  2. That's very cool, I'm a sucker for pretty too even though I'm a guy. But can't get enough of repurpose...

  3. I love this idea. I've been collecting doilies and now I have another idea to use them. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I love the doily being used on the cushion! Great idea and a great way to upcycle the things you had stored away!


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