How To Create A simple Valentine's Vignette...

Bring a little love in the home decor for Valentine's Day with a vignette.
On a sideboard, Dining table or side table, this vignette is very simple to create.
I used a ceramic double vase, but you could swap that for a tall white jug for the heart branches, and a matching white shorter style vase for the roses.
The wooden letters were sourced at the dollar store, and cost $3 each letter.
The bonus is they were already painted and dotted with spots ready to use.

I used these small hearts
But they have a range of different hearts to choose from.

Use the hearts as a stencil to cut of some pretty papers.
Or print directly onto A4 size coloured paper.

Use as many hearts as you desire...
I used 32 hearts on my branches.

Punch a small hole in the top of each heart... 

and string with ribbon.
Hang your hearts onto the branches,
It did take a while (yes we are talking an hour!) to cut out and hang the hearts..

But don't they look cute?
The finished Valentines vignette just Shouts out 'LOVE'!

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