13 March 2016

DIY ART - Super Easy Faux Solar Leaf print...

This is a DIY art piece that is reminiscent of Solar art.
Solar Art is created by using a special light sensitive paper, 
laying objects on it and leaving it in the sun to create an artistic image.
I've made my faux version using art paper, plastic leaves and spray paint!
Place and tape three large piece of art paper on a plastic sheet.
Separate the leaves from the stems using wire cutters.
Do the 2 to 3 minute shake it dance with your can of spray paint. 
This ensures the paint is well mixed.
Place your leaves onto the paper.
Spray with the paint.
You are not looking for perfect coverage.
It does not matter if the spray goes under the leaves a bit.
Because this is what you want.
As it gives that blurred solar art effect!
Leave the paintings to dry.
To frame:
I used a multi panel frame.
So I cut each leaf out and placed on different angles on the grid.
Arrange as you desire and tape the mini paintings in place at the back.
Place back in the frame and hang.
You could also frame these in a set of matching frames
 to display as a set of three, four or six.
I have photoshopped this image so you can see what it would look like
 if using a darker grey or black paint.

But I prefer my pale grey version as it fits well with the main bathroom colours.
Subtle and pretty.
I'm chuffed with how it turned out, 
and believe it is the quickest artwork I have ever created!

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  1. How pretty! Thanks for the great tutorial on how to make these. Pinned and Tweeted. Thanks for partying with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!


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