11 November 2016

Deconstructed Framed Paper Flower...

The 'Deconstructed Framed Paper flower is incredibly easy to create.
It's a super handcrafted gift idea.

To make you will need:
An old music sheet
A sheet of pretty craft paper.
A cd to use as a circle guide.
A box type frame that is sized 9 x 7 inches
Craft Glue
Pen & scissors

Step One:  Place cd on the music sheet and draw a circle.

Cut out the circle.

Cut a spiral as shown.

In pen draw wavy edges on the outer edge of the cut spiral.
Cut them out. 

Step Two: Cut the pretty craft paper to fit the inside of the frame.
Use the frames mat as a guide.

Step Three:  Manipulate the music sheet swirl into flower shape.
Then let it deconstruct.
Place onto your craft paper that has been cut to the frame size,
and glue in about three spots to hold it in place.
It will have a 3 dimensional look.

Step Four: Place in the frame (without the mat)

I love the soft neutral and pastel colours...
lovingly crafted... 
Now that's a special thing to gift.

#papercraft #diy #picture


  1. Such a lovely gift idea Tracey Lee and it should be really easy to color coordinate with any kind of decor too, which make it perfect. Thank so much for the share

  2. What a cute project, Tracey. I just love that you used the music sheet ... it looks so awesome xo

    Carla aka Mrs. R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com


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