Felt Reindeer Christmas Decorations...

Here's another little cutie felt project for ya all.
A 'Felt Reindeer Christmas Decoration'....
I made  a whole lot of these darlings for the main Christmas tree ornaments a few years ago.

This is a slightly modified version, 
as the first were hand stitched, and had separate ears.

To make:
Copy & paste the template to your computer and print.
Cut out the antlers and reindeer templates.

Choose felt in the colours of your choice.
Pin to felt that has been folded in half as you need two antlers and two reindeers per ornament.

Using a sewing machine:
Stitch the two antlers together using a contrasting colour thread.

Do the same with the reindeer but leave a gap to insert stuffing on the under tummy.

Stuff using a chopstick to push into small areas.
Stitch up the gap.

Add a sequin nose.

Handstitch antlers in place.

Two bead eyes.

A ribbon bow or bell at the neck.
Add a hanger.

Hang on tree.

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