6 December 2016

Painted Carafe & Christmas Berries...

Carafe vases are a nice shape and perfect for arrangements of Christmas lillies and berries.
My clear glass carafe vase needed a bit of oomph for Christmas,
so out came the white paint.

All I did was pour a little paint inside and slowly swirled it around the vase until the inside was completely coated.

The paint I used was Dulux Aquanamel in white,
 because it is water resistant, and a lovely thick paint.  
This makes the coating of the glass exceptionally easy.

It took 5 minutes from start to finish for this glass painting project.

As I have already shared, here in New Zealand it is summer.
Which means no winter berries!
At the moment I have one Ilex 'Holly' shrub in berry
but the berries won't be red until Autumn.
So what does one do when one must have red berries?
Get out the spray paint of course!

Before painting I stripped the leaves off the stems.
then spray painted them.

After 24 hours drying and fume release time,
place into the vase.
I haven't put water into the vase.
 as the spray paint seals the berries with a thick coating of paint, and preserves them.

Red berries and a white vase to match the Christmas themed cushions.

Place vase on a coffee table, mantel or sideboard,
for a little bit of berry red and white fun.

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  1. Good job making do with what you have. I have a huge holly tree in my front yard just full of red berries.
    Maybe next year I will have to send you some from the Northwest. Nice Christmas craft.

    1. Oh lucky you! I love holly berries, so when they are green one must do what one must do to make them red :)


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