24 April 2016

A DIY LOVE mini Pallet sign...

A DIY love mini pallet sign is a simple gift to make for Mother's Day.

Here's how to make it:

Cut a 34cm piece of pallet wood.
Paint it white and leave to dry.

 For the next stage you need a good length of cord.
(in a colour of your choice).

Use PVA wood glue to write your word on the wood.

Press black dressmakers cord in a continuous length 
onto the glue to create the word.

Then cleanup the excess glue with a cotton bud.

Talking about words, you can change it.
I've chosen LOVE,
but you could say:
(Just adapt your wood size to the word you choose)

Add a hanger using a staple gun.
I used the same black cord.
This gives you the option to wall hang your DIY mini pallet sign,
or as I ended up doing, 

just leaning it against the back of a bookcase.

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